Friday, November 8, 2019

APN Internet / Data Settings and how to use them

The APN is the gateway which allows the mobile device to seamlessly access the internet as if you were using a computer.  In the event that your data is not working when you have inserted your SIM card, please check the APN settings or Internet settings on your mobile device.      

Here's how you can add the APN (Internet Settings) in most devices: 

  1. Go to Settings >More/More Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. 
  2. Select Add.
  3. Type in '' in the APN slot. No username or password is needed.  After the information is entered, select More > Save .
  4. Finally, select the newly added Internet Access Point and restart your device.
Different phones have different settings. For your own phone, you can choose one of these options to guide you further:


Step 1. Select 'Apps' and go to 'Settings'.

Step 2. Select More or More/Cellular Networks.

Step 3. Select 'Mobile Networks', select Access Point Names or APN.

Step 4. Reset to default and select 'reset' to confirm.

Step 5. Add APN:

Step 6. Select 'default' as the APN Type. Select 'More' and 'Save' .

Step 7. Restart your handset.


Step 1. Go to 'Settings'.

Step 2. Go to 'Mobile/Cellular Data, select 'Mobile/Cellular Data Options'.

Step 3. Select 'Mobile/Cellular Data Network'.

Step 4. Select 'Reset Settings' then 'Reset'.

Step 5. Return to 'Mobile Data Options' Menu. Select 'Mobile/Cellular Data Network'.

Step 6. In the APN slot, put in

Step 7. Restart your handset.


Step 1. Select 'All'.

Step 2. Select 'Options'.

Step 3. Scroll to and select 'Device'. Scroll to and select 'Advanced System Settings.

Step 4. Scroll to and select 'TCP IP'.

Step 5. Click the 'APN Settings Enabled' checkbox.

Step 6. Enter

Step 7. Select 'Option button' and Select 'Save'.

Step 8. Restart your handset.


Step 1. Swipe Left.

Step 2. Scroll to and select Settings.

Step 3. Select 'Network & wireless' and Select 'Mobile & SIM'.

Step 4. Scroll to and select 'SIM Settings'.

Step 5. Scroll to and select Public. Select 'Add an Internet APN'.

Step 6. Enter

Step 7. Scroll to and select 'Save'.

Step 8. Restart your handset.

If you have followed the instructions above and you are still unable to access your data you can dial *140# and select the balance option in the menu to check your remaining data balance. Once you have depleted your data you will experience slow data speeds. In there you can also activate a data plan.

If all previous steps provided doesn't resolve your issue you can speak to any one of our friendly customer care agents via our Live Chat service.

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