Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Unlock Airtel E3372H-607 Huawei Modem of India

Airtel India has earlier launched Huawei E3372h-607 which had the firmware version and Dashboard version: UTPS23. MAC23. LNX23. the firm has launched the Airtel E3372h-607 with firmware version 21.328.62.00.284 and dashboard version UTPS23. MAC23. LNX23.015 .02.11.284. There are no unlocking attempts left to enter the code in the Airtel Huawei E3372H-607 modem, which means you can not unlock easily.

Our team has developed new software, that can unlock the device without boot shot or any unlocking code.

How to Unlock Airtel E3372H-607 Huawei Modem of India?

  • Download the unlocking software of Airtel E3372H-607.
  • Extract in Windows PC using WinRAR software.
  • Run the unlocking file of Airtel E3372H-607.
  • It will generate some hardware id as highlighted in above screenshot.
  • Copy and keep it in a notepad file.
  • Now, pay Rs. 400 through payumoney and mention the model and IMEI of the device.
  • Once the correct amount received, our team will email for further details, if required.
  • After receiving the hardware ID, our team will forward the registration name and key.
  • Once the details will be received at your end, connect to the device to the PC.
  • Now run DC-unlocker software and detect the device under it.

At end of the result, paste the following:

  • Now run the unlocking software again.
  • Fill the registration name and key.
  • Click on Register.
  • Now it will start flashing the Airtel E3372H modem.
  • The unlocking software window will be closed automatically.
  • Again detect the device in DC-unlocker software.

At the end of the result, paste the following:

  • Press Enter from the keyboard.
Now your Airtel India locked Huawei E3372H-607 dongle is successfully unlocked to use with all network provider sim cards, including Jio.