Tuesday, January 29, 2019

How To Unlock Huawei E5577s/Cs-321 MTN 4G/Viva MiFi (2019)

Today we have in our hands another variance of E5577 from MTN almost similar to E5573 with LCD and increased battery strength to 3000mAh. This guide is not new; the same old boot shot method. Follow this guide you understand and wish to unlock your E5577s-321. The E5577Cs-321 and E5577s-321 use almost the same firmware files. I have tested the files on both devices. It works perfectly.


  1. Balong USB downloader
  2. Huawei Drivers V5.0xxx
  3. Huawei Firmware 21.180 (USB loader already inside)
  4. Huawei Firmware 21.316
  5. WEBUI17.1xx


  • Install the Huawei drivers
  • Disassemble and boot shot test point with and as shown (just like other boot shot already known)
  • USB COM detected- you should have PC UI com port detected in device manager
  • Run Balong Downloader and flash Usbloader.bin file from Huawei 21.180 firmware
  • Install firmware 21.180; run setup updater to install finish
NB: LCD shows installing during firmware update process[/color

[color=#ff33ff]Your device should reboot into Factory Test Mode (FTM ) showing on screen
  • Install Huawei WEBUI17; run the updater to install finish
  • Install Huawei firmware 21.316
  • You should see battery error on-screen at begin to resume user information; don't worry just hold the board and insert the battery gently
  • It should now complete and reboot to Huawei Logo and proceed to the main interface
  • Note your IMEI; read modem info with dc unlocker and  write IMEI via AT command
  • You can now do a quick repack and insert Sim; WebUI as Usual ...........
  • 3g and 4g all Working Perfect
Unlock Done