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How to Unlock Bootloader on Huawei Phones – Unlock Bootloader Huawei

In this Guide, You will learn How to unlock the bootloader on Huawei devices or how to unlock the bootloader on Huawei phones. It is very simple guide just follow steps to unlock bootloader on any Huawei device.

What is BootLoader and why we need to unlock BootLoader
Some of you will be wondering what the heck is bootloader so, A locked bootloader is one that will only boot operating system android in our case which means that device’s boot partition will only launch Android OS on your phone, No matter what happens user can’t alter it. In case of devices with a locked bootloader, it is not possible to do custom operations like booting a Custom operating System.It requires the owner to first unlock the bootloader.

If you want to use your android phone like a pro Unlocking the Bootloader android device is the first thing to do when you can root your device or install custom ROMS.Flash modified boot, kernel, custom recoveries Like TWRP and CWM or other recovery Image files like N android backups.

You have to first get a Bootloader unlock password from the manufacturer site, then by using specific ADB & Fastboot Commands, you can easily unlock the bootloader. Good news is many brands are providing official assistance on Unlocking Bootloader. Companies like Sony, Motorola, Huawei allow users to unlock the bootloader after giving some precautions.


  • Enable USB Debugging
  • Install USB Drivers for Huawei 98 Lite:
USB Debugging:
  • Goto Settings> About Phone Tap 7 Times on Build Number
  • Then In Settings>Developer Options and enable USB Debugging

USB Drivers For Huawei Devices :

  • Download and Install USB Drivers on your computer from here
ADB and FastBoot on windows Easy way
  • First Download the adb-setup-1.4.2.exe file.
  • Double-click or Run the adb-setup-1.4.2.exe file.
  • A command prompt Interface will pop up with a blue background. 
  • Select YES to all the prompts. To select YES, just type Y and press Enter.
  • Once ADB, Fastboot, and Drivers are installed, you’ll have a working ADB and Fastboot on your Windows.

Install ADB and fastboot with Minimal ADB and Fastboot on Windows

  • Download the Minimal ADB and Fastboot Setup File.
  • Run the file minimal_adb_fastboot*.exe.
  • Follow the wizard’s instructions and select destination folder.
  • Click Finish to launch the Minimal ADB and Fastboot.
  • Boom you are done.

For unlocking Bootloader on Huawei

Note: First Go through above requirements carefully.
  • First of all, go to Huawei Bootloader Unlock request page in order to do that you need to create an account on the Huawei Official site then login to your account.(register if you don’t have an account)
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click Next button.
Unlock Bootloader on Huawei Phones – Unlock Bootloader Huawei-1
  • Now, Provide the required information about your device and click commit button.
Unlock Bootloader on Huawei Phones – Unlock Bootloader Huawei-2
  • If everything is good, you’ll get a unique 16-digit bootloader unlock password for your device.
  • Now connect your Huawei device to the Computer with a USB cable.
  • Give the device required permission.
  • Open Minimal ADB and Fastboot direct or move to directly where Minimal ADB and Fastbootis installed from CMD.
  • Boot your Huawei device into bootloader mode using the following command:
Note: If your device doesn’t boot into bootloader mode, then disable Fastboot function from your device’s Settings.
  • Once your device is in bootloader mode, issue the following command to unlock bootloader:
  • Replace XXXX XXXX XXXX with your 16-digit bootloader unlock password.
  • The bootloader unlocking process will start automatically.
  • Once the process is finished, your device will reboot.
  • That’s it, you have successfully unlocked BootLoader.
You can now go ahead and customize your device by installing TWRP or then flash SuperSu to root it. So you have succeeded to unlock your Huawei bootloader. If you have any queries regarding the process, drop a comment below.

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