Monday, September 17, 2018

How to Disable Auto-update of Android applications

Many people are looking at how to disable auto-update of Android applications on Google Play because it is annoying and annoying many people using the Android system, especially the slow Internet owners where Google Play store updates applications via the availability of Wi-Fi automatically, If you want to keep older versions of the software installed on your smartphone you will have to disable auto-update of Android applications. Rest assured that this manipulation is very simple.

How to disable auto-update of Android applications from Google Play

Its way is very easy where you will open the Google Play store and then open the navigation drawer or menu or the menu by moving to the side and then you will choose the settings such as the location of the picture three options which can be changed at any time
  1. Do not auto-update apps.
  2. Auto-update applications at any time
  3. Auto-update applications over Wi-Fi only

Then you will click on the first option in order to turn off automatic updates of applications

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