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Configure JioFi Mifi Router Settings for Change Password

Jiofi.local.html to Login for JioFi Mifi Wifi Password Change signin via Jio or 192.168.l.l or Jio and Jiofi Router Settings for How to Access Storage Slot (Memory Card Slot)…..
This portable WIFI hotspot connects up to 10 end users and one on USB. The Jio4GVoice app enables the devices to establish high-speed–high-quality voice and video calls. Also, the range of this router easily covers two rooms. The reason JIOFI is better than any other WIFI network is due to its speed dedication. There is a procedure for how to increase jiofi internet speed. Also, it provides an excellent battery backup, up to six hours. Configure this wifi hotspot router will be possible only by login into jiofi.local.html or

Jiofi Mifi Password Change and how to login into jiofi.local.html or

Actually now Jiofi Dongle is a dead cheap 4G modem compared to other branded dongles or modems. And also Jiofi Setup is very easy to login into jio.local.html URL. https://jiofi.local.html/index.htm is the official website launched by the Reliance Jio company. Once your Jio Sim is activated, Just follow the below steps:
  • Go to the wireless setting panel in your device settings, turn on the WIFI.
  • Make sure to check jiofi paper box for default SSID and Password.
  • Open your web browser and Go to the link https://jiofi.local.html/ or or 192.168.l.l.
  • You’re now landed on to the control panel, where you can perform various tasks without entering the admin panel.
  • Next, Login with your User ID as “administrator” and Password as “administrator” for entering the admin panel.
  • After logging into Jiofi router, you’re all set to modify the default settings under the ‘JIOFI Web Configuration Panel’.
  • You can Changing Jiofi 2 Mifi settings. Click on Settings button. In the left side of your PC it shows Wifi tab. Click on it.
  • Choose or Write the Unique Broadcasting SSID as your wish, Password or Security Key (Wi-Fi password) and change the channel mode.
  • After change those details finally you can Click on Apply button.

How to Access the sdcard slot (Storage Slot) by login 192.168.l.l

Now Jio announced a latest offer on Recharges. Anybody recharge on this time 1.5GB Data per day. Its cost is Rs.399/- only upto 82days. Hurry. Lot of Jiofi users may scared because how to use the memory card slot and How to accessing the SD card slot in Jiofi Mifi Router. Just Follow the instructions…
  • First every user must insert the sdcard / memory card in Jio Dongle 2 device
  • Here you must enable the storage account and set the username and password.
  • You can access the SD card information to all connected devices of your Jiofi
  • Now access the files by entering into the URL https://jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html or jiofi.local.html
  • Click the Wifi Disk button. use the sdcard username and password.
  • Now it can access the Storage Slot. Then You can upload your files and you can copy the pics or files in your PC / Laptop

How to make video calls or voice calls using Jiofi device

For making Jiofi video calls or voice calls with the help of jiofi router device, you just have to download Jio4gvoice app in your phone(no matter your device is 4g volte or not).
Then connect your jiofi network with your device. After entering the jiofi network, you will be able to assess the awesome feature of calling in your phone devices. You can call to anyone at anytime but only national calls are allowed in the prescribed plans of jio. If you want to do any international call then you have to buy the plans of international call packs which starts from Rs1100 and in this offer you will get Rs999 balance in your jio account.
  • With the JIO JOIN APP or Jio4GVoice App, it has made easy to make HD video calls or voice calls over the JIOFI WIFI.
  • In order to make calls, first, connect to the JIOFI network on your Android device.
  • Download and install Jio Join app from Google play store.
  • Open the jio join app and grant all the permissions the app asks for.
  • On the home screen of the app, an option appears saying ‘Configure JioJoin using Jio Sim number in the JioFi: ___’
  • The app auto connects itself to the network and Sim after few moments. Fulfil the OTP requests.
  • After this configuration of JioJoin app, you’re all set to place video or voice calls to anyone.
By mistake you not remember the login details here is another option for you changed the login details. Simple click the reset button for about 30 seconds by powering on the device. The Reset button will be available in the backside of your device.
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