Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Huawei P9 Lite Android Nougat Update [Android 7 – EMUI 5.0]

Huawei has announced Nougat update plans for its smartphones. The Android 7 update for Huawei devices will arrive in the form of version 5.0 of the Chinese company’s EMUI skin. The roll-out will begin sometime in Q1, 2017, with the Huawei Mate 8 and P9 getting the update first, followed by the P9 Plus, P9 lite, nova, and nova Plus.

The new EMUI 5.0, Huawei claims, is more efficient, secure, and user friendly. It “significantly cuts down on the number of steps needed to achieve the desired function,” the company says in a press release, adding that “furthermore, the user can reach 90% of the core functions in just two to three clicks.”
The new UI also lets users choose between the standard layout and an app drawer. “Additionally, users can jump between their professional and personal lives effortlessly with profiles now being able to run in parallel – no switching of phones necessary.”

Coming back to the update, those rocking a Huawei P9, P9 Plus, P9 Lite or Mate 8 will be able to participate in the beta testing as well.

Changelog B336 :

  • Secutiry Paths
  • Rollout Beta Program

Changelog B329 :

  • Fixed mobile data error’s in B328

Files for DOWNLOAD :

Install process :

If you have a L31 variant, here what you need to do :
Put Update.Zip and on you external sd card;
  • Reboot into Meticulus’ TWRP (use google don’t ask for it here);
  • Flash the;
  • Flash the;
  • Flash Revolution Recovery for nougat (use google don’t ask for it);
  • Reboot the device;
  • Reboot into recovery;
  • Do a backup of Product;
  • Reboot into system and place the extracted files from Product_V3 in TWRP specific folder;
  • Reboot into recovery and restore Product;
  • Reboot and enjoy your camera.
If you want to root Nougat follow these steps :
  • Boot in Revolution Recovery
  • Flash;
  • Reboot and install Phh’s root app from the playstore;
If you want to downgrade to MM from booting Nougat :
You need to do this first :
  • Download “volver de Nougat a MM” from HTCMANIA;
  • Extract the files and copy 432oEMINFO-DUALSIM-P9LITE.ZIP to the root of your external SD card;
  • Download B150 (as it worked perfectly for me) extract it and put in your dload folder (preferably on you external SD card. If you don’t have the folder create it);
  • Set the default storage to be the External SD card (search for it in settings);
  • Enable Use Debugging and OEM unlocking;

Now that you’ve done the above :

  • Unlock your bootloader if it’s not already unlocked (google is your friend );
  • Flash, via fastboot, Revolution Recovery (google is a like the mom, it will find anything for you even if it is under your nose);
  • Reboot into Recovery;
  • Tape Install, set storage to be SD Card;
  • Look for the 432oEMINFO-DUALSIM-P9LITE.ZIP and flash it;
  • Power off your phone;
  • Press simultaneously vol +, vol – and Power, now it should be installing the new firmware (B150);
  • Once done, reboot and you should have a factory reset phone, configure it as you’re well aware of that;
  • Restore your files.
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