Sunday, March 12, 2017

How to Unlock Airtel Beetel 450TC3 Router?

Have an Airtel internet connection? They gave you this sexy router locked with their own customized firmware stopping you to add more than 10devices? This router is causing connectivity problems? No support for old hardware? Not anymore. Without telling what is what and explaining why any particular thing is used, we will cut short this article and get to the process.
This article will tell you how to unlock Airtel Beetel 450tc3 router.

Step 1 : Log into your Router. Type in your browser’s address bar or simply click the link above.

Step 2 : Maintenance > Update > Firmware Update

Step 3 : Download this firmware and upload it. DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE

NOTE : This firmware is found after a lot hardwork. If you provide this to anyone please be courteous.

Step 4 : Go to Setup > WLAN > Security

Now, set you router as shown in the image. Enter password in the Pre-Shared key and save the settings.

Congratulation, you have now successfully cracked the Router! If you get any problem feel free to comment below.
If at any time you wish to roll back to previous firmware, follow this link and download the original locked firmware.

If you have Binatone Router bundled with you Airtel connection and you want to downgrade or unlock it you can click here.
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