Sunday, March 19, 2017

How To Protect paytm account gets Hacked?

Hello, It seems you are Searched to Unblock Blocked Paytm account that blocked, Yes here is the solution. All this Guide Helps you how to unblock your paytm account. When you are trying to log in to paytm account, it is saying your account temporarily blocked. Why a paytm account gets blocked and what are the Precautions to protect and How to unblock paytm account discussed in this guide.
It hard to hack Paytm other than this many other precautions will protect to be away from hacked. These are not only for paytm can be used to protect all wallets, bank accounts and more

How To Protect paytm account gets Hacked?

  • Now you can “use your mobile password or pattern to open Paytm Application” from mobile Make sure that you activated this option before you make transactions.
  • Change PayTM account password frequently (Change password for every Month)
  • Use A trusted antivirus on your android devices & Desktop. Antivirus protect from malware, threats, MITM attacks.
  • Avoid clicking any links you get in an email saying that you got 1lakh 1 core money, add trusted websites to your contacts.
  • Change the password of your email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Yandex, more)account linked with PayTm
  • Avoid using public wifi’s, Many hackers do MITM attacks to steal, always make sure padlock appears on paytm.
  • Avoid Using passwords in NET centers, Public Libraries If you used before change password immediately.
  • Try to use Isolated VM(Virtual Machines)
Protect your Computer from Keyloggers use below link to download Antimalware

Download Antimalware
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