Friday, March 3, 2017

How to Android device hard reset recovery using ADB?

Android device hard reset recovery using ADB reboot recovery
ADB - Android Debug Bridge

Note: If you want to remove your forgotten unlock pattern or PIN or password but you did not enable USB debugging on your device, this tutorial will not help, but you can unlock your Android device's password using your phone or tablet's hardware keys to reboot the device in recovery mode.
So if you have previously enabled USB debugging on your device or you can't remember try the following easy tutorial

You need

  • PC with windows OS (you can also use Linux / MAC OS installer available)
  • Android ADB tools download
  • USB cable
  • your Android phone or tablet device
1. First you need to enable the USB Debugging in your device. Go to Settings > Applications > Development (Android 2.3.x)

If you cannot access your device, you won't be able to set this option :(

2.  Install Android SDK Tools Only
- Make sure you have selected Platform-tools and USB drivers in SDK manager window (scroll down in the list in Andorid SDK manager to see the drivers checkbox)

3.  Make sure you have installed drivers for your device or at least generic Android drivers.
4.  Connect your device using an USB cable and power the phone or tablet on. Also check that windows recognized your device in Windows Device manager.

5.  Open command prompt in Windows and go to (cd C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools) adb folder
6.  Type adb reboot recovery and your device will restart and Android Recovery menu should appear.
7.  You can disconnect your device.

Now you can remove password or forgotten unlock pattern or just Factory reset your device using Andorid recovery menu with the Volume keys / power key.

What to do in Andorid recovery menu?

In Android system recovery menu highlight and select Wipe data / Factory Reset using the volume (-) key and confirm your selection with power or Vol+ key depending on your device. Usually confirm with power / lock key. Note: in rare cases Home, Menu or even the Camera key can be used also.

Now select Yes -- delete all data and confirm. All data will be lost. Pls remember to backup your data before doing a hard reset and backup regulary.
Note: You can also use wipe cache partition option, if you are doing a firmware upgrade / update or reflash your stock firmware or even you are download a custom binary. It (wipe cache partition) will not delete any personal data, but factory reset will!

- cache partition stores temporary data, that you can delete without loosing your personal data or settings
- factory reset will wipe everything on the internal storage and settings, be careful when you choosing Factory reset option, because it will delete everything, all data!

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