Sunday, January 29, 2017

ZTE Blade L110 Smartphone Features, Specs, Reviews, Prices

Big battery. While focus is placed on a thin-as-possible line in many other smartphones, ZTE's Blade L110sacrifices that for a relatively generously sized 4000 mAh battery. Our report reveals whether that also ensures a long battery life.
For the original German review, see here.

With ZTE's Blade V6 and Blade S6, we have had two 5-inch smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer in the test. The new Blade L110 attempts to distinguish itself from them with its lower list price of approximately 150 Euros (~$167) and the especially big 4000 mAh battery. While the screen's resolution of 1280x720 pixels is the same as the more expensive models, the 8 GB of internal storage and 1 GB of RAM are considerably lower. In addition to the white model we tested, black and gold-colored devices are also found on the market.
Rivals of the Blade L110 are LG's Bello II, the somewhat more expensive Huawei P8 lite and Samsung's Galaxy J5 among others. Beyond that, ZTE's Blade V6 is now sold for considerably less than 200 Euros (~$222).

ZTE Blade L110 (Blade Series)

  • Processor : Mediatek MT6735 1 GHz
  • Graphics adapter : ARM Mali-T720
  • Memory : 1024 MB
  • Display : 5 inch 16:9, 1280x720 pixel, capacitive touchscreen, IPS, glossy: yes
  • Storage : 8 GB eMMC Flash, 8 GB, 2.78 GB free
  • Weight : 157 g ( = 5.54 oz / 0.35 pounds), Power Supply: 57 g ( = 2.01 oz / 0.13 pounds)
  • Price : 150 EUR
  • Links : ZTE homepage
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