Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How to Unlock HUAWEI E5151s-2 3G 21Mpbs Mobile WLAN Router?

HUAWEI E5151 3G 21Mpbs Mobile WiFi Router is a latest high-speed mobile Pocket WiFi hotspot. It also named HUAWEI E5151s-2, It’s a sister model of HUAWEI E5331 3G Pocket WiFi. As the latest 3G WiFi modem Router, HUAWEI E5151 Mobile 3G HSPA+ Router could work via 3G SIM card and WAN/LAN cable. 
It is a multi-mode wireless terminal for SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) and business professionals.

How to Unlock HUAWEI E5151s-2 3G 21Mpbs Mobile WLAN Router?

  1. Please follow below Steps to unlock your Huawei E5151s-2
  2. insert operators sim card that does not work with device
  • Make sure your Router is Charged.
  • Insert operators sim card that does not work with your Locked Huawei E5151s-2 Router.
  • Switch the Router on. It will display “Invalid SIM”
  • Establish a WiFi connection to the device with your PC/IPAD/IPHONE/Android Device.

Method : 1

  • Try To Connect internet or Browse any website and you will be redirected to
  • A prompt will open asking for the unlock code
  • Enter unlock code & Click on ‘Ok’ Button.

Method : 2

  • Access and login to your device’s dashboard at or http://pocket.wifi then go to Advanced Settings -> SIM Settings  -> Unlock Device -> Enter Unlock Code -> Click Apply.
  • Your Router is now unlocked.
  • Don’t use any wrong codes into Huawei E5151s-2 Router!
Price : 2.38$

Pay pal id :

Users who want more codes for them We will reduce the prices as less as possible.
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