Monday, December 12, 2016

How to Play Very Simple PSP Games On Android and iPhone Devices

PSP is a very popular portable console in children’s and youngsters. Every kid wants to have a PSP in their pocket. Because it’s very compact PlayStation one can have. We can take it everywhere, we can play our favorite games. PSP console features not just end on the games it has many features like music, surf the internet, watching movies and many other things. But time has changed now our android and iPhone mobile are enough powerful to become the next PSP.

Some of us wanted to have a PSP but that time we were a kid and didn’t have money in pocket to buy a PSP. Now we have money but we don’t have the mood to spend money on PSP. Because we think it has limited features because our mobile has more features than a PSP. all because of Android and IOS powerful devices which just changed the whole experience of mobile. Even you can play PC games on android and iPhone. We are also capable of running a PSP emulator on our android and iPhone mobiles as well.

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Even the PSP getting tough competition from android and ios. As you can see every week we get new games on these mobile platforms. And those games are so addictive that nobody wants to carry a separate PSP in their pocket for gaming because mobile itself a gaming PSP. Even now we have PSP emulator for android knows as PPSSPP. it’s the first PSP emulator for Android and iPhone which is written in C++ programming. it's created by Henrik Rydgard co-founder of dolphin and GC/Wii emulator.
Play PSP Games On Android and iPhone
  • First, download the PPSSPP emulator and install on your android. iPhone users must have a jailbroken device to install this app. It’s completely free until you don't download the PPSSPP Gold for android both versions are same except their icon.
  • You won’t get any game with it the emulator. But you can test this emulator by downloading a cube test program from official PPSSPP site before getting a game.
  • Now if you have any psp game in ISO or CSO file format. I personally prefer ISO format because its run faster than CSO. Just place the iso/cso game file on your sd card.
  • Run the PPSSPP emulator and click load and select game and enjoy your android PSP mobile.
Note: You play PPSSPP emulator with any android device. But for the smoother gaming experience, you must have a good smartphone with the faster processor and 2 GB ram at least. You can check compatibility list from the official site of this emulator. You will see more games in compatibility list with more speed and improvement in this emulator with updates.
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