Thursday, December 1, 2016

Airtel 4G Huawei dongle not working in Mac 10.11 el capitan [Solved]

Airtel 4G Huawei dongle not working in mac 10.11 (el capitan) solution is here.
I recently purchase Macbook air installed with mac 10.11 el capitan and also an airtel 4G dongle with huawei make and model number E3372. As i tried to install airtel 4G huawei dongle, the screen read

" no software to install "

I then was on google searching for solutions. I found many websites recommending to switch off rootless in Mac by turning on recovery mode to install the airtel 4G drivers and dongle. I suppose that is not necessary here.

Solution to Airtel 4G Huawei dongle not working in Mac 10.11 el capitan

  • I just searched google for huawei global website.
  • I entered huawei global website.
  • I searched for the model number E3372. Direct search link.
  • I found out in search result “stick mobile partner for Mac 10.11” with download options. Click here for direct download.  (Mobile Partner is an user interface software with drivers for Huawei modems. Also stick mobile partner for Mac 10.10 will working with Mac 10.10.)
  • I downloaded, installed Stick mobile partner for mac 10.11 and boom airtel 4G hauwei dongle was detected as soon as i plugged in the dongle and opened the installed mobile partner software.
  • I added new profile under profile management with dial no: *99#, APN: and saved it.
  • I am now enjoying Airtel 4G on Mac 10.11 El Capitan. Hope you too do solve and enjoy Airtel 4G on your Mac.
If you have upgraded your Mac from 10.10 to 10.11, i suppose that Airtel 4G can be accessed through Huawei modem configuration done in Mac Network preferences.
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