Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Error 19, not able to unlock Huawei E5573 WiFi Router

Now, with the help of this post you can unlock the following more devices :

  • E5573s-320 (Smart Philippines) with firmware v21.
  • Huawei E5573s-320 Tigo Tanzania
  • Fastlink Iraq (E5573s-320 with firmware v21.
  • Huawei E5573s-806
  • Smart Tanzania locked Huawei E5573s-606 with Firmware 21.316.03.00.1343
If your device has newer version firmware, then it does not allow to flash it. While flashing the device, it gives error 19 and does not allow to flash previous firmware. But, it can be solved with
Huawei E5573s-806 Firmware Update

How to get rid of Error 19 in Huawei E5573 router ?

  • Download firmware v21. from above link.
  • Comment with device model and IMEI below to get the firmware code.
  • Now unzip the file with Winrar.
  • Disconnect internet, close the browser.
  • Run the firmware update file.
  • Now, it will detect the device and as you flash code.
  • Input the code which you have got in comment.
  • Wait till finish wizard
Now your device has universal firmware installed successfully. Now, comes to unlocking.
Now, for unlocking you need to run two more files. You have to follow the whole procedure which is mentioned at here
Enjoy and share !!!
Update : If you are still not able to unlock / flash the device and you are getting error 19, then you have to shot the motherboard. Before this, I have used shot method in the unlocking of Huawei B310 router.

How to shot the board of Huawei E5573 router?

  • Dismantle the device.
  • Let the battery inside the device, but don’t switch it ON.
  • Now, touch the boot pin and ground of the board from any metal / wire as shown in above image.
  • Now insert USB cable to PC.
  • It will produce a sound.
  • Now, just remove the metal / wire from the board.
  • Now download Balong tool and BOS solution.
  • Run both in PC (Check for drivers in Computer Management, if getting in Yellow mark (Huawei port) then restart the PC, it will automatically installed, if not then you can also use Huawei mobile partner).
  • Once drivers successfully updated, download usbloader.bin (for E5573s).
  • Note: For E5573Bs model bin file is separate.
  • Now detect device under Balong tool.
  • It will detect the COM port as BOOT_3G.
  • Now in loader option, select the above downloaded bin file and click load.
  • If everything goes fine then your device will be loaded with universal boot file.
  • Now, PC will again beep and a new port will be installed.
Now, start installing any firmware of E5573bs / E5573s router, which is compatible.
There is no more Error 19. With this method you can repair the device too.
Note : Do at your own risk, mistakes may lead your device to death.
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