Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to Unlock Huawei E173 (Metfone) USB Modem Free and Work 100%

In fact, Huawei E173 (Metfone) have already Unlock success, But indignation is only charged so it's a challenge.I've been finding ways this code number on the website and I found the One way that is easy, quick and free


  • Please download the Huawei Unlocker + 3g usb first.
  • Please include your SIM other than SIM enters fray to unlock.

How to Unlock Huawei E173 (Metfone) USB Modem :-

  • First, setup 3g usb driver first, and after installation
  • It will be required to restart, please restart your.
  • Next Step Open Huawei Modem Unlocker
  • Click Refresh and select Com
  • Next, enter the number IMIE Modem
  • Your Huewei e173 to Select Model, leave it as it is because this application is
  • Support with E173.
  • Then click calculate
  • After this result, and click on Unlock Modem already
  • Click SERVICE

You'll get two results

Results 1
  • If you get a result like the picture below, this means that you achieve 50%
  • Simply select Unlock Modem and then click on the word SERVICE repeat them.
  • Now your modem is unlocked successfully.
Results 2
  • If you get a result like the picture below, this means that you choose the wrong COM
  • So please select other COM and follow the instructions above until
  • Get results as a result 1.

Please note - because the program does not support with Huawei E173 (metfone) yet, so Your Modem Relock when you unplug your modem means that.This software is used to unlock every time slot modem.But not hard, because you already know COM's lead and just put IMEI calculate and select Unlock modem and click SERVICE once.
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