Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Easy Code Huawei E173 Metfone Modem (Unlock E173 metfone with one click and free)

  • Now you can code modem Huawei E173 metfone with one click is spent
  • Only two to three seconds and is very easy not hard as before to do stage
  • My previous post ( Unlock Huawei E173 (Metfone) USB modem is 100% free and Work )
  • But it can not unlock your true once, but it Unlock temporarily.
  • What is important is that this program designed to help you to unlock your modem using multiple stages
  • Only one click.

Please download the program here

Huawei Temp Unlocking V1.0 or

Instructions -

  • Please include your SIM other than SIM enters fray to unlock.
  • 3G Metfone plug the modem into your computer and install the modem (if you have not Installed)
  • Please activate the temp applications Huawei Unlocker, wait a minute, then click Unlock to achieve.
  • Successfully tested on Huawei E173u-1 Metfone 3G.
Please note - it's just a temporary Unlock only do this every time you use the modem.
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