Monday, September 5, 2016

Unlock Warid Huawei E5377s-32 Warid Lte Mobile WiFi Router Dongle Free Instructions

Perfect for the home or SOHO (Small Office Home Office) user as well as business professionals, the portable E5377 4G WiFi LTE modem lets you connect up to 11 different WiFi-enabled devices. Whether you need wireless internet at home, work or out and about, you can get it – all on the Warid LTE & Zong 4G network in coverage areas.Whether you want to connect your laptop computer, tablet, mobile phone or gaming device to mobile internet, as long as it supports dual bands WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, it’s a snap. Plus, you can also use it as a USB modem while still connecting other devices via WiFi.
With a user-friendly interface, plug-and-play simplicity and LCD display screen, the E5377 WiFi modem ensures getting connected to wireless broadband is a breeze. Plus its small and lightweight form makes it ideal to slip into your pocket, briefcase or purse.The E5377 WiFi modem supports optional MicroSD memory cards up to 32GB (not included), allowing you to store and deliver more movies, music, photos, documents and files to your device. Plus, you can share content stored on the MicroSD card.

How to Unlock Warid Huawei E5377s-32 Warid Lte Mobile WiFi Router Dongle :

  • Write down your IMEI Number somewhere at safe place. 
  • Enter IMEI Get Flash Code for your device here  Huawei Flash Code. save it.
  • Download .HuaweiHiSiliconFirmwareWriter_v24
  • Download Firmware Firmware
  • Download WebUi WebUi
  • Lunch HuaweiHiSiliconFirmwareWriter_v24.
  • Connect E5377s-32 with Pc or Laptop and click refresh button to detect E5377s-32.
  • Install Firmware (You download in step 04)
  • Enter Flash Code during Firmware installation. (You generated in step 02)
  • Now install the Webui (You download in Step 05)
  • Insert Any invalid (Different operator) SIM Card in to E5377s-32.
  • on device E5377s-32 and Connect with Laptop or PC.
  • Connect the hotspot created by your router.
  • Open or http://pocket.wifi.
  • Enter user name admin and password admin.
  • Now you can see the box which is asking to enter the unlock code.
  • Click on APPLY. That’s It Your modem is unlocked successfully.
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