Saturday, October 1, 2016

How to Unlock Option icon 225 Orange Modem Instructions

Option icon 225 Orange Modem Unlocking Instructions :-

  • Install python 2.6.x (32 bit version) :
  • Install pywin32 for python 2.6 :
  • Install pyserial :
  • Download the unlocker (mms-unlocker-v1.6) and unpack it (e.g. into the directory C:\msm)
  • Download a firmware update for the 3G modem from Option or T-Mobile Here XP Vista
  • Unpack the firmware update into the directory used above (e.g. C:\msm)
  • IMPORTANT: The superfire.exe file of the update is packed. Unpack the Superfire.exe file of the firmware update once again (e.g. WinRAR can do that). For the newest update, the superfire.exe can be used as it is. Download (13 MB)
  • Remove the SIM card from the modem and plug it in . Make sure that you have the latest drivers from the option website installed before you start Also, close all the tools for the stick ('connection manager' etc.). then open the black msm_unlock.
  • Write down the unlock code. Unplug the stick, replug it and apply the unlock code with If the unlock code is not accepted, search the comments for a posting by "muxx" - he has given detailed instructions on how to manually enter the unlock code.
  • Unplug and replug the stick once more and you've got yourself an unlocked 3G modem.
The script should also work for Linux, MacOS, BSD and any other system which has drivers for the modem and a python interpreter. Also, it might work for other devices from Option. I'd like to know whether this worked for you, so please leave a comment. Also, all sources of the unlocker have been released under the terms of the GPL. Feel free to hack away with them.
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