Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dc Unlocker Cracked Version+Unlimited Credit 2016

DC-unlocker 2016  client software V1.00.1005+Crack,Full version,Cracked,Unlimited Credit,Unlimited
User Name,Password
DC-unlocker client software V1.00.1005+Crack,Full version,Cracked,Unlimited Credit,Unlimited
User Name,Password
  • DC unlocker v1.00.1005  is a program specialized for data card and modem unlocking.
  • First universal free data card unlocking software worldwide.
  • Easy to use and full functional program with clear interface.
Dc Unlocker Cracked Version Unlimited Free Credit Unlock All USB Modem, DATA Card Free.Free Download Dc Unlocker, Dc Crap, Cracked Version with Unlimited Free Credit. By Using Dc Unlocker Crack Version You Can Unlock Most of Data Card or USB Modem. If You Want To Free Unlock Your Modem Then You Can Use Dc Unlocker Cracked Version. This is the Cracked Version of DC Unlocker. So You Do not Need Any Credit.   

Instraction To Unlock Your Modem: Extract the content of the .zip file Once you extracted all the required files, run "dccrap.exe" Disconnect to the internet and plug your USB Modem with a different provider SIM. (for Huawei users, you dont need to swap any SIM). And insert your modem to the USB port. Choose what "manufacturer" that your modem is. (Huawei Datacards or ZTE Datacards... choose that matches on your Modem.) Click the magnifying glass, and it will search for plugged USB modems. Once the modem is detected, go to login page, type whatever you want. It's just a lame login system. Click Unlocking menu, then choose "unlock". Wait till the unlocker program says that, unlock is successfully done. Enjoy your unlocked Modem. 

Dc Unlocker Cracked Version+Unlimited Credit 2016 :-

  • -Extract the content of the zip file to a zip folder
  • -Locate dccrap.exe and run.
  • -Disconnect your internet connection and plug your ZTE or Huawei USB modem with an alien SIM card (an unsupported SIM card from a different network operator) inserted.
  • -If you’re to unlocking a Huawei modem, there’s no need to change your SIM. simply plug your modem into your computer’s USB port.
  • -If the connection manager pops up, close the window.
  • -Depending on your type of data card, select either ZTE or Huawei from DC – UNLOCKER 2 CLIENT user interface.
  • -Click on the magnifying glass to automatically search for the modem
  • -Once the modem is detected, click on Server and type “crackmega”  in the username field and without quote “”  for password.
  • -Click Unlocking menu, then select unlock.
  • -Wait for a moment till the programs displays this message: unlock is successfully done
  • -Now you can use any SIM card on your unlocked USB modem
Version:  Size: 2.5 MB
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Download Link- Cracked Version
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