Saturday, June 11, 2016

Unlock ZTE MF637 3G Modem via Firmware or DC Unlocker Totally Free

Unlocking ZTE modems is not as easy as Huawei modems. ZTE corporation keeps launching various models in market with the help of network provider. I already provided various brand unlocking solution of ZTE and Huawei company modems. Today, I have with unlocking solutions of ZTE MF637 3G Modem. ZTE MF637 3G Modem Dongle can be unlocked with two ways, one is DC Unlocker cracked version also know as DCCrap.exe, and the another way is firmware.
How to use DC unlocker cracked version tutorial is here. To get working download link of cracked version DC unlocker software see the latest comment. I keep updating new download link.

DC Unlocker cracked unlimited credits

To unlock your ZTE MF637 3G Modem free using DC unlocker cracked version :

  • Download the DC unlocker cracked version from the above article link or download from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
  • Now unzip the downloaded file and extract in a folder.
  • Now disconnect from the internet and change the sim with another network provider to detect your ZTE MF637 3G Modem dongle properly by DC unlocker software.
  • Now plug the modem into PC and let it install all required drivers.
  • When dashboard / software of ZTE MF637 3G Modem opens then close it.
  • Now run DC unlocker cracked version.
  • Go to ZTE tab.
  • Now click on search magnifying glass.
  • Now after successfully connected your modem in DC Unlocker click on Unlock.
  • Now your modem is unlocked forever.
Or if you don’t want to use DC Unlocker cracked version then download the firmware of ZTE MF637 Firmware from the Polish operator ERA DL_MF637_TMO_PL_0B05V1.00.00. Update the firmware of your ZTE MF637 3G Modem and it will unlock your modem forever.
Download DC Unlocker cracked version
(ZTE MF637 3G Modem Unlocker Software)
Polish operator Firmware Update_ERA DL_MF637_TMO_PL_0B05V1.00.00
Users who wants to download the drivers for ZTE MF637 3G Modem can use this link.
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