Monday, June 20, 2016

How to unlock Huawei K3772 modem the easy way

I tried to unlock my Huawei k3722 data card from Vodafone and i goggled how to do it. All the links I was directed to, had exactly the same instruction set, I don't know if they were copied form the same website, i went through them, and as vague as some of the instruction were i tried them but it didn't work. so i decided to do it my own way and boom, am using the same modem on another network to write this blog.

Here are the steps i followed

  • Uninstall the default modem software from you computer. if you haven't installed it, don't install it. i haven't tried to unlock with the default modem software installed before but i have  a feeling its going to bring you problems later while unlocking.
  • Download and install mobile partner. u can use this link to download and install mobile partner
  • Extract and install mobile partner and run it.
  • Insert a sim card that is from a different network into your modem. insert your modem into you laptop and PC while the mobile partner is running. it should open a dialog box for your asking for you pin and giving you ten tries. mind you after 10 wrong tries it will lock your modem for good.
  • To generate the unlock code, head to this site
  • A google singin will appear click on that link
  • the rest is Google stuff. use your Google mail account and accept the TnC stuff. Buh you should read it first
  • upon completion of your Google stuff you should end up on this screen
  • type your imei number (you will find it when you slide the sim cover off from the modem) into the space provided and you model number should be "k3772" , and then click calculate.
  • +1 theeir link, it should show you the calculated unlock codes for your modem. this is a snapshot of mine
  • the one you should use is the 'new algo code' because that is what worked for me.
  • input it into your dialog box and voila, your modem should be up and running in your mobile partner.
these are the steps i followed to unlock mine. i don't think they should be any different from yours. but please post your comment and questions
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