Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How to Unlock Huawei Cell Phone

We are here agen whit a new software for Unlock Huawei very fast and easy . This software tool can help you to unlock your Huawei device by yourself on your computer . If you want to use this tool for unlock your cell phone you must provide IMEI number . You can chek your IMEI code by typing *#06# on your keyboard or just remove the batery . You must know this number and you must use it in the unlock Huawei procedure . Before unloking Huawei in some local store or internet site cost us all some money , but now whit this hack software tool we can unlock it for free . If you have this problem and you want to solve it you have tree options :
Unlock Huawei Cell Phone
  • To use Unlock Huawei tool from this page for free
  • To pay money in some local store
  • To pay money on a site on internet
Weel ! I recomend the first option . Its the best for all . You will solve the problem fast , easy and the most important – there is no need to pay the tool . And yes after you will have the unlock Huawei tool on your computer you can use it on big numbers on Huawei cell phones so you can help on your friends if they have the same problem whit this phone lock . After the unlock procedure you can use your device on any carrier in the world . In Germany you can use Germany sim card , in USA – USA sim card . You can use diferent carriers in the same country . I will help you to solve this problem . I will make the unlock Huawei tool available for download in this post , and I will present a guide how to make the unlock procedure.

First of all you must download the unlock Huawei tool . This tool you will find it very easy if you search on

When you will have the software on your PC unzip the file and follow this guide bellow:

  • Start the unlock Huawei tool
  • Select your Huawei model
  • Enter the IMEI number
  • Select your country and carrier
  • Click on the START button
  • You will get a code
  • Insert foreign unaccepted SIM card
  • Enter the code on your Huawei device
  • You can start use your new SIM card 

Whit this tool in first two weeks we unlock it :

  •     Huawei Ascend Y 300
  •     Huawei G510
  •     Huawei U8667
  •     Huawei Ascend
  •     Huawei G7300
  •     Huawei Ascend G 300
  •     Huawei UM 840
  •     Huawei U8650
  •     Huawei Ascend Y 200
  •     Huawei U8180
  •     Huawei U8665
  •     Huawei U8510
  •     Huawei Ascend Y 100
  •     Huawei Ascend W 1
  •     Huawei Etc3125i
  •     Huawei U8150
  •     Huawei G6600
  •     Huawei Ascend P 1
  •     Huawei 858 Vodafone
  •     Huawei G5520
  •     Huawei 4 Afrika
  •     Huawei Activa 4G
  •     Huawei G 330
  •     Huawei G 350
  •     Huawei G 500
  •     Huawei G 520
  •     Huawei G525
  •     Huawei Ascend G 620s
  •     Huawei Ascend G 630
  •     Huawei Ascend G 7
  •     Huawei Ascend G 700
  •     Huawei Ascend G730
  •     Huawei Ascend II
  •     Huawei U 8800
  •     Huawei U 8836 D
  •     Huawei U 9120
  •     Huawei U 9000
  •     Huawei U 9150
  •     Huawei U 8730
  •     Huawei U 8655
  •     Huawei U 8510
  •     Huawei U 8600
  •     Huawei U8667
  •     Huawei U 8520
  •     Huawei U 8651 T
  •     Huawei Honor
  •     Huawei Honor 3X
  •     Huawei Honor 6
  •     Huawei Impulse 4G
  •     Huawei G 7050
  •     Huawei G 7105
  •     Huawei G 7007
  •     Huawei Sonic
  •     Huawei Summit
  •     Huawei Spring
  •     Huawei Pillar
  •     Huawei Premia
  •     Huawei Media Pad
  •     Huawei Mercury
  •     Huawei Inspiria
  •     Huawei M 615
  •     Huawei M 635
  •     Huawei M 735
  •     Huawei M 835
  •     Huawei M 860
  •     Huawei M 886
  •     Huawei EMOBILES
  •     Huawei FUSION
The unlock Huawei tool works on any model of Huawei . If you want to ask something about the tool or the procedure feal free to comment on this post and our team will respond you in the next 24 h . Good luck
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