Friday, June 24, 2016

How to Unlock Any 3g Dongle For All Sim Networks

Internet is growing day by day thousands of people buy 3g dongle/net setter or modem to surf the internet on their pc or laptop. Why people buy 3g usb dongle? Because it’s the coolest way to connect to internet anywhere with your laptop or tablet in car, house, park, club, party etc. You don’t need to seat in your computer room with a wired modem. 

But when we buy these 3g dongle they are locked with a specific sim operator. You can use only that operator which is provided with that 3g dongle. Suppose their 3g plans price won’t go low. But another operator gives faster speed with cheaper price. Will you buy another operator dongle?
Answer is NO. You don’t have to spend money on new dongle. I will show you simple ways to unlock your 3g dongle. So you can use any 3g operator sim with same dongle that you have.

Well there are many software and online sites to unlock your data card by entering unlock code. You can get that unlock code from few softwares like dc unlocker but it's paid and getting many complaints so i would suggest you to just ignore DC unlocker don't use it. instead of that you can try any other software on google by searching for "unlock dongle" with your dongle model number it will give you better result and you will get results which are best for your dongle but if you want us to write the complete procedure for your dongle then just write the model number in comments and we will give you the solution.

Another way to unlock your 3g data card / dongle for Free

  • Download Universal Master code it's a free software.
  • Open the software
  • Select modem manufacture and model of your dongle
  • Now enter the IMEI number of your dongle
  • Click on Calculate
  • It will take few seconds to calculate the unlock code and Flash code.
  • Now insert any other network sim and use that unlocking code to unlock.
Thats it. Now you can use any sim with your 3g data card / dongle / Net setter. if you still fail to unlock your device. You can ask me in comment section i will definitely help you.

Note :- Guys we write only to help you guys so be relax and if you are struggling with unlocking your dongle just comment below with your dongle model number and IMEI number we will give you the unlocking code and if you want complete tutorial we will write that too for you. We will reply you the date and time of publishing that specific post.
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