Monday, April 25, 2016

How to Unlock Usb 3g datacards (Aircel + Airtel + Bsnl + Vodafone + idea)

If you bought a 3G datacard from service providers like Airtel,Idea,Aircel or Reliance,the data card will work only with the service providers SIM.If you insert a different SIM you will be asked for the unlock code and your data card will be locked.

Method:- 1

  • Find the unlock code using the IMEI no of your datacard from the below software link given in Method :
  • Now remove the aircel sim and insert some other sim (Airtel or BSNL) in your data card.
  • Now connect the datacard to pc.
  • It will show a window asking unlock code enter the code.
  • Now you can use any sim in your data card.
  • I unlocked the datacard using second method. I think first method will be very easy.

Method:- 2

  • First download this software Download
  • Extract somewhere in your pc.
  • Open Huawei Unlocker.exe. Enter your IMEI no and click calculate
  • You will get unlock code and Flash code
  • Now connect your Huawei modem and run HUAWEI MODEM Code Writer.exe
  • Click "please select com port" and select the detect option. It will detect.
  • You can check the comport number in controlpanel ---> Phone and Modem Options ---> modems
  • It will ask for unlock code enter the unlock code which you got in step 4.
  • Give ok.
Thats it
  • Now you can use any sim card in your Aircel datacard and use the Aircel Software to make voice calls and to send sms.
  • But you can't able to use the Aircel Software to connect Internet using other Network sim card.
Note : you can unlock any modem like airtel or Bsnl or Aircel or vodafone
But the manufacturer should be Huawei. Then only this method will work You can try up to 10 times after that your modem may become useless so be careful.

Please Read the below post to know about using other network sim cards in Aircel Data card.
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