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How to Unlock BSNL 3G DataCard Model no : LW272 use it with Airtel and Vodafone TATA DOCOMO 100% WORKING


I have purchased my BSNL 3G device ( Model no : LW272 ) in the start of year 2009, during this time no other providers were not available in the 3G market.

But time changes and slowly players like Docomo, Airtel and Vodafone etc guys entering market. So I was curious to know/try whether the same BSNL USB Data card can help me if I would like to shift to new operator in future. Luckly my device is not Hardware locked but it is just software locked. If it is hardware locked also we need to flash the memory.

In this BSBL 3G teracome device model no LW272 it is just interface software locked. Thats why it shows " Unauthorised sim, your modem will get closed now" .

So I tried the below steps and worked fine for me with vodafone 2G using Vodafone Mobile connect plan.(Post paid 350/month unlimited).

How to Unlock BSNL 3G DataCard Model no : LW272 :-

  • Install the USB modem as usual
  • Create a new APN in the BSNL interface (for docomo it is "tata.docomo.internet"). Make it as default.
  • Check in Windows under installed modem options, there you will have HSPA DataCardPropritary USB MODEM
  • Create a new Dialup with your desired name and use the above modem as modem, dialing number will be *99#, user name and password will be blank
  • Go to the BSNL modem installed directory in Program Files, in my system it is "C:\Program Files\BSNL 3G Data Card\BSNL 3G\" . Change the file name BSNL 3G.exe to something else, for example BSNL so that it will not execute.
  • Now remove your datacard and remove BSNL sim and put whichever the SIM you want (APN should be the same) connect it again to the system.
  • The green light will glow after 10-15 seconds. Now you can connect using the new dialup connection we made. (Here onwards, every time you can use the dial-up)
  • It will get connected in 3.6 MBPS. actual speed will be depended on the SIM you are using and the network strength.
  • Click On START....Than click on RUN....Write "regedit".....
  • than....
  • Locate the following registry entry:
  • Code:
  • On the right-panel, change the Engineer key to 0 and it's done. INSERT YOUR ANY SIM AND WAIT 30-40 SECONDS  FOR GREEN LIGHT
  • Now Goto Control Panal >> Device Manager >>  Modem  >> Left Click on Your Modem Name  >> Advanced  >>  In Extra Ins. Wizard Type.

  • Replace Bsnl Net with Your APN (Like for TATA DOCOMO - tata.docomo.internet)
  • Now Goto Create New Internet Connection with any name and Dailup no. is *99# OR *99***1#
  • Now Connect.
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