Saturday, January 2, 2016

Reliance Modem Unlock Free

Hai guys to unlock your modem you need to get the spc code first.

So to know the spc code follow the steps below.

   1. Download the Dfs unlocker from here. the log show so many errors ignore it. no need to connect with internet to use this software.

   2. After opening the dialogue box, click on ports--> application interface-->application interface in lower box.

   3. then type any 6 digit number in the box adjacent to SPC and click spc.

   4. now it should say wrong password. and device goes to offline.

   5. Now go to memory tab-->choose CEFS from type tab. click scan then save buffer immediately.

   6. In the dialogue box opened newly give any name save it in desktop.

   7. after that click the open file button which is adjacent to Analyzer in DFS software and locate the file you have saved.
   8. click the analyse button and note down the 6 digit number which in the white box below the analyzer.

   9. That 6 digit number is your spc code.

  10. now reconnect your device and do the first 2 steps again and now the correct spc code that you previously detected.

  11. now DFS shows modem unlocked successfully. go to programming tab. there u can see config pane at right side.

  12. from the Ruim selection choose Ruim only. now close DFS

  13. Finally download dashboard and mobile partner for your device from

that's all enjoy.
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