Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Need to SPC code for Huawei EC150

I will explain it one by one:Trust me its too Easy
Lets start with no more time...
1) Download this tool DFS.Demo{free} version is enough for this job...
2) Now Install it!
3) Install the Software of your Service provider[eg:Reliance,Tata etc]
4) Open Device Manger.
5) Under the Ports Tab:
   a) Look for a name like "Application Interface(COM?)"..Note the number given instead of "?"..
6) Now connect your Modem[ec150]
7) Open DFS tool and open the Ports tab and select the Application Interface(COM?) from it..
8) Now,the front screen displays all the Info about the Device!
9) Now,Go to Memory tab and set Type as "CEFS" and press "Read"...
10) Wait until it completes and press Digits or hex in the Right pane and now again press "Spc1"..
11) Now a hex value will appear right to it...
12) Click it and Now a Hex table will appear and the 6 digits displayed in the right side of the table is the
   spc code.....
                           If you are kind enough"Please let your friends know about this Blog"...
Note:I made this post because i got request from too many and i 
cannot email all and all these info are reffered from different sources.
   Please let me know if this has worked with your's modem...
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