Thursday, September 24, 2015

Things To Consider Before Hard Reset Your Mobile

You need to know some important points before hard reset your mobile or wipe data or factory reset on your mobile. If you don’t know about these things, You may lose your data and hard reset not done properly. That’s why i decided to write this article.

Most Important Things Before hard Reset Your Mobile :-

1) Charge Your Battery above 50%

If you not charge your battery before hard reset, you mobile may be turn off while hard reset process. So you must charge your battery Before hard reset process.

2) Remove your SD card and Sims

Hard reset method will remove all data in your Memory cards and sims in some cases. So you need to remove SD card and Sims before hard reset or format.

3) Backup all your phone data

Why you need to backup all your data, because hard reset or restore remove all your data. It is impossible to recover your data after hard reset or format. So you must backup all your mobile data before hard reset.

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