Saturday, May 16, 2015

E153 Express Unlocker V1.0 to Unlock Huawei E153 (E153u-1, E153u-2, E153u-3) Dongle

Today, I have got a software and its name is E153 Express Unlocker and it is able to unlock Huawei E153 all brands (E153u-1, E153u-2, E153u-3). Smart Bro, Sun Broadband and Globe Tattoo network carrier uses Huawei E153 modem to provide the internet to his users. But it comes locked and one can not use another network provider sim. Hence one need to unlock his modem to use another network providers sim on his modem. 

E153 Express Unlocker V1.0 to Unlock Huawei E153 (E153u-1, E153u-2, E153u-3) Dongle :-

Note :- Huawei E153 Express Unlocker v1.0 unlocks E153 all brands (E153u-1, E153u-2, E153u-3) temporarily means after the ejecting the modem from PC your modem will be locked again. One need to run this software every time when he wants to use his modem. It is a free tool, hence there is no problem. Just change the sim and connect your modem to computer / laptop and run the below mentioned tool to unlock your modem and enjoy the internet.
Note :- Users who needs the steps to unlock his modem by Bojs can follow this link. Every steps are same for all the modems unlocking.
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