Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Download Latest Nokia Ovi Suite made by Microsoft

Transfer content between your Nokia device and PC, share photos with friends and keep important files up to date. With Nokia Ovi Suite you can easily access, back up and synchronise the contents of your Nokia device on your computer. Manage contacts, browse photos, share with friends and keep your life in sync, all through Nokia Ovi Suite. Meetings, contacts, tasks and more – Nokia Ovi Suite helps you keep your information synchronised and up-to-date on your computer, on your device and online. Why should you have to keep separate address books and calendars on your computer and your Nokia device? Synchronising with Nokia Ovi Suite helps you keep all your information up-to-date across multiple devices, locations and applications. Nokia Ovi Suite helps you back up your information, too – to your computer or online with Sync on Ovi – so you won’t lose important details if your device is lost or damaged.

With nokia ovi suite you can :-

  • Share information between your computer and your Nokia device, including photos, music and messages
  • Share photos online safely and easily with Ovi. see your Microsoft Outlook contacts, notes, to-do-lists and calendar information on your device
  • Download and use Ovi Maps. 
  • Nokia Ovi Suite makes it easy to copy photos and music to and from your device. 
  • To copy music or photos between your device and your computer, you can either drag and drop or right click on the file you want to transfer. 
  • Drag and drop. In Nokia Ovi Suite, select the photo or track you want to copy and drag it to a folder on your computer or device. 
  • Nokia Ovi Suite shows the progress of the copy and alerts you to any problems. 
  • Right click on the photo or track you want to copy and select Copy to computer or Copy to device. 
  • Share your contacts seamlessly between your computer, Nokia device and Microsoft Outlook with Nokia Ovi Suite. 
  • With Nokia Ovi Suite you can keep all your contact information in sync – on your Nokia device, your computer and in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.
Size: 98.6 MB

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