Wednesday, April 15, 2015

ZTE IMEI flash tool for "IMEI ALL 0" machine

I got this IMEI flash tool from a ZTE user group in China which they use this to fix the IMEI ALL 0 issue for a ZTE N600 machine (confirmed that it is an Android phone)
  • Provided that u have the original IMEI code written down.
  • And this flasher will work only for a machine with IMEI ALL 0 only. use this under FTM mode linkage.
  • Just type in the IMEI code and leave the ESN column to be blanked. 
  • for those who got a new imei generated, the forum provide a fix that u might mess up the imei to all 0 by unplugging the usb cable during the firmware upgrading process..but this sounds too dangerous to try I think so, If anyone try this and work then we probably may have a safety net.
Edit :- I try the flasher by selecting the proper port(mine is COM4) but it keeps saying searching for 10mins but nothing appear.

Use QPST Configuration ZTE Modem :-

  • here I got another set tools of Qualcomm yet
  • the QPSt 2.7 build 323 and QXDM Professional 3.12.714
  • install both program and connect the phone with FTM mode
Start QPST >>>> QPST Configuration>>

  • Select Add Port and it wil bring up another window
  • select the port with qc diag. press ok .then the port service will be enable.meanwhile, u may backup the ESN data with 
"Start clients" >>> "software Download" >>> "backup"

  • Don't close QPST. and open qxdm professional. setup the communication with the phone by 
"option" >>>>"communication"

  • select "Target port" corresponding to the one u setup in QPST
Then select "View" >>> "Common" >>> "NVBrowser"
    • goto ID 1992, change the input value from 0 to 1 then click write to change the status.
    • then type in the command tab : RequestNVItemWrite meid 0xA00000XXXXXXXX that X should be the MEID
    • from the menu it will bring up the terminal with a success message.
    • change back the values of ID 1992 in the NV browser. then reboot the phone.
    • now... the question is I am not sure is about the "X" exact MEID..
    • I study the QPST program menu and find this :
    menu >>>> start client >>>>> service programming > OK
    • it will bring up an new module session. select "read from phone" on the lower left hand corner.. then I saw this information in the "NAS" tab
    • for I didn't upgrade to gen2 , I could see a correct IMEI
    • and there is option of write to the phone, yet it seems to me that some information is missing on that page....
    • so I dare not try to write the phone...
    I believe this software is the correct answer to the IMEI issue
    wonder if anyone could manage this tool.
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