Sunday, March 15, 2015

Alcatel Calc V1.0 (all MTK non-provider ID models)

ALCATEL CALC V1.0 (all MTK non-provider ID models) is a online calculator for free. Alcatel modem users can now generate unlock code for his modem for free to unlock his modem. This is online tool and one can just generate the code to unlock his modem for free.

Alcatel Calc V1.0 (all MTK non-provider ID models) :-

  • Alcatel users just put his IMEI in IMEI box and in Model box write modem model and click on Calculator button and its will create your modem unlock code in just a few seconds. 
  • Many bloggers takes money for providing the unlock code and flash code. But I always provide free tools by various ways.
  • This online tool can give you the unlock code of V670, C700, C701, PLAYBOY, C707, C717, ELLE, V770, C820, C825, MANDARINA_DUCK, S215, S218, S319, S320, S321, S520 and MISS_SIXTY alcatel modem models.
  • This is totally free service and there is no need to pay anything. Interested users can go to the below mentioned link and can generate the unlock code for his modem. 
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