Monday, January 26, 2015

Vodafone R215 Huawei Mobile WiFi Router Unlocking is Possible?

If you will ask me that can Vodafone R215 Huawei Mobile WiFi router is unlock-able? My answer is yes. I have yesterday unlocked one another Huawei R215 which was locked to Vodafone Portugal network. Vodafone R215 is actually Huawei E5372 and it has branded by Vodafone as R215 and launched in the market by locking his network. So, that no one can use another network provider sim in Vodafone R215 mobile wifi router.

What is the benefit of unlocking of vodafone R215 mobile WiFi modem :-

Since, everywhere is not Vodafone network is available. Also, you may be in such a place where Vodafone network is so poor. Then you will be not able to get the desired internet speed. So, if your device is unlocked, then you can use another network provider sim as per the choice.

What is the procedure of unlocking of vodafone R215 mobile WiFi router :-

Just put another network sim in your router. Plug it to PC using USB cable. Browse in internet explorer   and press enter from keyboard. Now, you will see the unlocking screen as in above image. Put the correct unlock code and your Huawei R215 is unlocked forever.

What is the price of unlock code of vodafone R215 WiFi :-

Its unlock code charge is 6 USD (E5372, E5372, R215, E3272 etc, few models unlocking charge is high. Another devices charges is maximum 2.38$).

How to get correct unlock code of huawei R215 vodafone MiFi WiFi router :-

Mail your device details in In mail mention Model, Network, IMEI and Country through which you have purchased. Because may be in your country, Vodafone has locked the unlocking part.

Will you get refund for huawei R215 vodafone unlocking code , if unlock code does not work :-

There will be no refund provided for unlock code these models , which unlock code charges is 6 USD. I purchase these codes in high rates. And for my genuine work, I will not refund it.

How much time you have to wait for unlock code after making the payment?

If I will be available online, then same time code will be delivered in your mail. If I will be not available, then maximum 8 hours you have to wait for the unlock code.
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