Sunday, February 1, 2015

Download Sun Broadband Wireless

Sun Broadband Wireless is available for download. We have recently got this dashboard and tested it with Huawei Aircel E1750C modem and working totally fine without any problem. As you may know that as and when I find any working solution then I just update in my website so that users may get benefited without paying any penny. Hence, users are requested to share this article via facebook, google plus, twitter or by any means.

Download sun broadband wireless v16. :-

  • This dashboard is as like as Unbranded Huawei Dashboard (Original Huawei Mobile partner) which can download from the official Huawei website or you can get in my blog also. 
  • Users can get all features in this dashboard. As one can make a call. 
  • One can create a profile as per the network and need. 
  • One can send Text SMS via this dashboard only, there is mobile phone is needed. 
  • One can use dashboard to store phone numbers in Phonebook. 
  • One can see the statistics of internet usage.
  • Interested users can download this Sun Broadband Wireless dashboard for his huawei modem via the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
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