Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to Reset Permanently Blocked Hauwei Usb Modems Lock Counter

Today I am write here are few simple tips and step by step screenshots to reset hauwei sim-locked usb modems permanently blocked if after trying for 10 times, that is after carelessly exhausting the default ten (10) times attempt to provide an unlocking code. Many factors cause hauwei 3G usb modems to permanently get blocked and render useless. First, if guess an unlocking code even when its imei number has not been used to generate this codes. Second, using wrong imei number to mistakenly unlock your modems.

Steps to Reset Locked and Blocked Hauwei Usb Modems :-

  • Download and run the hauwei ModemUnlocker.exe software program and Click on Refresh. See image below for help
  • Step 1:-
  • You will need to manually or autoselect the usb COM PORT so that the modem can be read. See image below for help
  • Step 2 :-
  • After selecting COM PORT tab, click on READ MDM DATA, after performing this action, your modem details as Model, series, IMEI, Serial number etc. should display on your PC. See Image below for help 
  • Step 3:-
  • Now select RESET MODEM Counter from the unlocker tabs and Cick on SERVICE. See image below for help 
  • Step 4:- 
  • After a complete reset of your modem lock counter status, your will see this on your screen – SUCESS RESETTING LOCK COUNTER OF MODEM. Please see image below for help
  •  Step 5:-
  • Click Here to Download the Multi-Purpose Free Hauwei Modem Unlocker and Dongle Tool Here

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