Sunday, November 23, 2014

How To Configure APN Setting After Unlocking Your Modems

How To Configure Your Modems After Unlocking It With Unlocking codes to Work On Other simcards By Other Network Operators. To Browse with other Network sim card, just configure the Huawei 3G USB modem user interface – almost all huawei usb modems have similar User Graphics Interface By clicking on

Step by Step Configure APN Setting After Unlocking Your Modems:-

  • Tools -> Options -> then click on Profile Management

NOTE:- As for the Advanced Settings tab, leave everything there blank

Tricks For Browsing Fast With Unlimited speeds Without Continual/Frequent Disconnecting.

  • As you may have experienced especially with MTN fastlink Modems and Huawei Modems, they do frequently disconnect waving and fluctuating from one network signal to another e.g from HSPDA to EDGE or From EDGE to GPRS or GSM in worst cases. 
  • You stop this irritaing slow internet connection by re-configuring your modem user inferface.
  • Click On Tools > Option > and click Network under Network Type select WCDMA Only (glo users) 3G Only (mtn users) then click on Apply and Save, you won’t experience any kind of frequent network disconnection or fluctuation again with this simple browsing tricks.
NOTE:- Note that most recent MTN 3G USB MODEMS don’t work with !dea sims even after unlocking the modems, but glo works on all – etisalat, mtn and airtel. So i recommend you get a glo Modem, unlock it and use your mtn sim and other network simcards on it.
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