Friday, November 28, 2014

Airtel E1731 (Huawei E173Cs-1) Latest Firmware Solution

In India Bharti Airtel is providing there mobile broadband connection using huawei E1731 which is a 7.23mbps hsdpa modem with a most of facility which you can check in E1731 reviews. Earlier they comes in E173u-1 which can easily unlocked by just entering unlock code for E1731, we have provided Airtel E1731 Unlocker and Airtel E173u-1 unlocking solution then they changed the firmware also customized it and its comes in E173Bu-1. Its firmware version number is and software version is Fakiro which can be easily unlocked by just updating/flashing it with Huawei E173  Firmware in-stand of Airtel E1731 Firmware, you can find Unlocking solution For Huawei E173Bu-1 here. E173u-1 and E173Bu-1 are different version of the airtel E1731 both are coming in 35********** series IMEI. But at the end of May 2012 Bharti airtel has launched E173Cs-1 which has the Customized Firmware ( and huawei has also tweaked with its IMEI and now its starting with 863791010**** so its need the different code calculator then 35******* series modems as per new security algorithm of huawei.
So coming on the point i am here with the unlocking solution for the E173Cs-1. In this i am going to give you the Firmware file of and unlocking procedure to unlock 86 series IMEI E1731 but ya i don’t have the code calculator for this modem so.Unlock Code calculator For Huawei New Algo Modem Airtel E1731

Airtel E1731 (E173Cs-1) Unlock :-

E1731 Unlocking Proof :-

By using this procedure i have unlocked many E173Cs-1 modem with Airtel logo and 86********* IMEI you can See the proof in below screen shot
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