Thursday, August 14, 2014

Unlock BSNL 3G Datacard (Teracom LW272&273)

Unlock teracom LW 272 BSNL in some easy steps - BSNL data card LW272 from teracom comes locked and is not possible to use other network sim in it unless you unlock it. You have many advantages of unlocking, it allows you to use any network sim in it. So, if you have some connectivity or coverage issue you can switch to other provider.Unlocking is very simple and can be done by anyone. It takes only a few minute. You can unlock it without changing the dashboard also. All you have to do is change the registry value of the teracom driver you installed on your pc. So if you use this LW272 BSNL modem on different PC you will have to unlock it again. So the unlock is done on the pc, not on the modem. So, there is no risk involved in unlocking the Teracom LW272 from BSNL. This trick works 100%. I have personally tested it with a modem.

How to Unlock (HACK) bsnl 3g data card (teracom lw272)

Hi, there is an easy way to use other sim cards in LW272 from BSNL
  • First Uninstall the Bsnl 3G Software and Download this link
  • Install this Software
  • Insert Other Sim Card EX:- DOCOMO
  • Follows this steps:-
  • Install the USB modem as usual
  • Create a new APN in the BSNL interface (for docomo it is "tata.docomo.internet"). Make it as default.
  • Check in Windows under installed modem options, there you will have HSPA DataCardPropritary USB MODEM
  • Create a new Dialup with your desired name and use the above modem as modem, dialing number will be *99#, user name and password will be blank
  • Now remove your datacard and  connect it again to the system.
  • The green light will glow after 10-15 seconds. Now you can connect using the new dialup connection we made. (Here onwards, every time you can use the dial-up)
  • It will get connected in 3.6 MBPS. actual speed will be depended on the SIM you are using and the network strength.
For me, when i used my vodafone (2G) SIM I got real download speed upto 104KBPS and with My docomo sim (3G) i got upto 3.14 MBPS.
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