Sunday, July 27, 2014

How to Unlock Huawei E1553 Smart bro free

Huawei E1553 is not so famous as E303 and E3131 broadband modems. E1553 dongle had been launched earlier. If you are using E1553 dongle locked to a particular network. Then, its time to unlock your E1553 modem for free. After unlock there will be no barrier of network, means you can use any another network provider as well as default sim. To  unlock your Huawei E1553 dongle you need to update / change / replace the firmware of your data card. Firmware update file for E1553 dongle can be downloaded from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.

How to unlock huawei E1553 smart bro :-

To release a 3g modem huawei, you must follow these steps :
  • Download and unzip v4mpire: (see attatchments below)
  • Locate and record the IMEI on your modem is usually on the bottom, along with the serial number and model.
  • Run v4mpire, go to the IMEI Huawei tab, enter the IMEI number you have recorded and press the "CALC", write the number that appears after "Unlocking".
  • Run the loader codes huawei, click the "Please Select Com Port"
  • Click "DETECT, select COM port, where it appears HUAWEI and click" ACCEPT "
  • Press the Unlock button Modem:
  • Click the "Unlock Modem" and enter the unlock code we generated v4mpire.
  • If you have completed all these steps without any error:
Download Huawei E1553 Dashboard (Windows)
Download Huawei E1553 Dashboard (Mac)
Download Huawei E1553 Dashboard Update
Download Huawei E1553 Firmware Update
Download Huawei E1553 Driver
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