Sunday, January 5, 2014

Latest Official MTN Zambia official Dashboard and Firmware Download link to update the MTN modem

Today, we have found some official download links of MTN firmware and software which download link is provided after the article. As you might already know that dashboard and firmware is essential part of Huawei modem. Dashboard contains drivers which needs to installed in PC to detect the modem. Firmware is internal part of any Huawei modem and without firmware modem is nothing. MTN is very famous in Uganda, Nigeria and various other African countries. When someone purchase the modem, that comes with old firmware and dashboard pre-loaded on it. Old modems comes with old software and firmware which might contain error. Another issue with old software and firmware is that you can not use your modem with latest operating system. So, I always keep updated the people with latest software and firmware.

MTN Huawei Software upgrades your modem with the new UI (Download Size : 78 MBVersion: UTPS21.

MTN E372 modem Firmware upgrade (Download Size : 13.8 MB Version:

MTN E153 modem Firmware upgrade (Download Size : 7.5 MB Version: 11.609.13.03.00.B427)

MTN E173 HUawei Firmware Upgrade (Download Size: 8.3MB Version:

MTN E367 Huawei Firmware Upgrade (Download Size : 12MB Version: 11.810.09.20.00.B726)

MTN E1750 & E1752 Modem Firmware Upgrade (Download Size : 16.2MB Version:

Download Firmware Huawei E1820 MTN Zambia Modem (Download Size : 13.7MB)

Download Firmware Huawei E1820 CellC Zambia Modem (Download Size : 30.3MB)

Download Firmware Huawei E1820 Telkom Zambia Modem (Download Size : 29.5MB)

MTN E352 Modem Firmware Upgrade (Download Size :  12.6MB Version :

MTN E3131 Modem Firmware Upgrade (Download Size :  12.6MB Version :

MTN F@stLink E220 Modem Firmware Upgrade (Download Size : 7.1MB Version :

MTN F@stLink E620 Modem (Size 5.7MB)

MTN F@stLink B970 Router (Size : 22.5 MB)

Download MTN E367u Firmware Software

Download Telecom E367u Firmware Software

Download Firmware Update Huawei E586Bs-2 WiFi Modem (Cell C Zambia)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E586Bs-2 WiFi Modem (Vodacom Zambia)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E5830 WiFi Modem (MTN Zambia)

Some more firmwares from Huawei Zambia official websites :-

Download Huawei K4605 Vodacom Firmware with Software (Size – 73MB)

Download Huawei K4505 Vodacom Modem Firmware Update with Software (Size – 80.8MB)

Download Huawei E352s-2 MTN Modem Firmware Update with Software

Above mentioned all download links are of MTN brand and do not use in any other brand if you are not sure. Above mentioned firmware may help you in some huawei modems, so we have shared here.   Before proceeding with firmware update , read the firmware update guide from here.   Users who are interested in updating the dashboard of modem, should must read dashboard / software update guide of Huawei modem / dongle.
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