Monday, October 7, 2013

Unlock Huawei E3131 USB Modem for free

Huawei E3131 is a Wi-Fi supported modem which can used as modem as well as wi-fi hotspot, E3131 is 21.6 Mbps Modem which allows 5 users to connect Read More Features of E3131 . You can find the unlocking procedure to unlock your E3131 in this article.Huawei E3131 can be easily unlock by just writing the unlock code to the modem, so we need to follow below steps.

Get Huawei Unlock Code For E3131 :-

Write Unlock Code To Modem :-

  • In order to remove all the restrictions from the Huawei E3131 we have to write the unlock code to the modem, and we can use Huawei Code Writer For this
  • Refer :- Huawei Code Writer Tool

Problem Regarding Unlock :-

  • If you are facing problem like ERROR when you write the code to the modem then your firmware might be customized kindly follow the below steps
  • Download Huawei E3131 Firmware Update
  • Install Firmware Update As Shown Here.
  • Retry To Write the Unlock Code Using
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