Monday, October 7, 2013

Reset Unlock Code Counter Huawei Modem (New Method)

Does you have entered wrong unlock code 10 time to modem?? Does you modem unlock code attempt counter is at 0 (zero)? Does your modem says modem unlocked permanently ?? then you might have to reset you modem unlock counter. Many readers had faced this problem with them modems like E303, K3772 and ETC.. Here  is a brief tutorial on how to reset unlock code counter to modem.

How To Reset Unlock Code Counter To Huawei Modem :-

  • Get Your Hash Reset Code From Here.
  • Download DC-Unlocker.
  • Open DC-Unlocker and select huawei modems and click on search it will search for your modem data.
  • Now Enter This Code To Dc-Unlocker Screen
  • AT^CARDUNLOCK=” NEW / OLD ALGO HASH  Code” Check Below Screen Shot I have used Idea E1732 and it’s a old algo modem so I have sent
  • AT^CARDLOCK=”57ae817cf69404d564dc42e82d552c29” to modem
  • And Check The Result You Modem counter is set to zero.
If you have any problems doing this please comment here.
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