Thursday, September 12, 2013

Unlock Vodafone K3770-Z and K3806-Z USB Dongle

This is two modem private unlocking is now available...
K3770-Z => 7.2Mbps
K3806-z => 14.4Mbps
Vodafone K3770-Z Unlock Kit for unlock your K3770-Z Modem completely..Vodafone K3770-Z is Icera Chipset based 7.2Mbps DL / 5.76Mbps UL Mobile Broadband Device Developed by ZTE Corporation and Designed by Vodafone.

Download Unlock Kit From Here :-

Directory Structure of ZIP File.




|--------------[1.] productConfig.bin

|--------------[2.] secondary_boot.wrapped

|--------------[3.] mass_storage.wrapped

|--------------[4.] loader.wrapped

|--------------[5.] factory_tests.wrapped

|--------------[6.] modem.wrapped

|--------------[7.] nocd.iso.wrapped



|--------------[1.] RecordCSV.sdi

|--------------[2.] Encrypt.dll

|--------------[3.] MultiCDMADownLoad.exe

How to use this file :-

  • Insert Modem to PC/Laptop. Install Vodafone Software.
  • Open Vodafone Software and check Modem is detected or not.( If not then change USB Port of Modem. )
  • Now close Vodafone software run MultiCDMADownLoad.exe
  • Port of Modem will be automatically selected.
  • click Software Version button and Select "K-3770Z_Download_File_NiRaV" folder.
  • Click arrow( Download ) button.
  • This process takes 2-5 min..after Finish remove and replug modem.
  • Install New MTS Dashboard..
  • Modem Unlocked.

About The Firmware :-

  • Vodafone K3770-Z is ZTE MF192.and this version support max 7.2Mbps DL & 5.76 Mbps UL.
  • BSNL will not work in this version may be future version support the BSNL network.
  • I have too many firmwares for K3770-Z if anyone want o check then contact me privately. may be anyone will support BSNL 
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