Saturday, September 14, 2013

Huawei E303, E369 and E357 Unlock Code Calculator

I have already provided tips and tricks for generating unlock code for 86 series IMEI of Huawei Modems to  unlock the modem Huawei E1731 CS-1. I have personally unlocked many modems by this method of my friends. But, from a few days DC-Unlock unlocker have stopped providing the unlock code for 86 series IMEI for free. Users who have not unlocked Airtel E1731 CS-1 and still wants to unlock their modem for free, can use LoginPlus Client v 5.0.

Huawei E303, E369 and E357 Unlock Code Calculator :-

  • Users who are having Huawei E303, E369 and E357 modems will also benefited through LoginPlus Client.
  • Unlock code calculator software is still in beta stage hence it may give error. Users please note that it support only 10 attempts per IP address. Hence, be careful.
  • This LoginPlus_Client_v5.0 calculator still under testing phase, which means it was not unlimited and forever.
  • Login details here:
  • For Huawei Modem:
  • Login: LEVEL5
  • Pass: 12122012
  • For Others (Alcatel, Motorola, BlackBerry, ZTE, Pantech)
  • Login: user@test
  • Pass: password
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