Saturday, June 22, 2013

Unlock IDEA Netsetter E303D Working trick

New Idea Netsetter E303D Avalible in Indian 3G dongles market. every dongle is branded and locked with Idea network hence it needs a Simple genuine Trick to unlock so there will be no barrier restrictions and you an use any GSM  SIM cards on it. there are numerous of Tricks and tweaks to Unlock Idea E1732 but when it comes to a Simple method then We have a New Geniune trick for 2013 to Unlock this data card.

How To Unlock Idea Netsetter E303D :-

There are numerous of fake methods scattered over the web for Unlocking idea NetSetter E303D but I suggest you to not to go with it as I have tried Unlocking Idea NetSetter E303D by Unlock code and it went on error and even firmware downgrade method is not working Here at last I finally found a Simple method which unlocks your dongle.

Unlocking E303D Using Firmware Patcher new updated version

thanks to a Senior member from a unlocking Community for sharing this Exclusive E303D Uncloer tool with Me. To be honest I have unlocked my Idea NetSetter which i purchased for my sister but wanted to use Airtel SIM so was Crazy for unlocking this Device check out the instructions below and Download the E303D Unlocker tool.

Instructions to Unlock E303D :-

  • First you will need to Download E303D Firmware patcher
  • Now connect you idea Netsetter E303D via USB port
  • let the drivers get installed
  • now Open Firmware patcher and it will detect the device using COM port
  • Simply hit the Unlock button and wait for the process till the tool patches its firmware
  • Your will be notified with a Popup after the process is completed
That' it! Your Device is now unlocked  you can use Any SIM cards and create Access points for it, After unlocking this device can also be used in Latest Huawei mobile Partner.
This method was very easy as compared with other Dongles unlocking tricks. The Credit goes to its original Developer  if you face any Difficulties in implementing with this Trick Do let us know in comments Section and we will be glad to resolve your issue.
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